Roma Day One: Dining Tips and Afternoon Walks

Ciao! I don’t even know where to begin and I’m so behind, so I’ll just hit the highlights! The apartment we stayed in was in a fantastic location and so affordable. We stayed in Campo Di Fiori and walked everywhere except the Vatican.

 (Campo Di Fiori is right around the corner from Piazza Navona!)

Note: The website I used to book all our apartments is and it’s great! You can read reviews, look at pictures, and message the hosts before you ever decide on a place. They even have city guides that can help you chose an exact location depending on your needs and you pay online in US dollars and then they convert it and pay the host. It’s so easy!

Here is our home in Rome!Europe 2013 004 We were in an old piazza that tourists would peak into throughout the day because it’s one of the only ones left.

Europe 2013 015

Day 1: We arrived at the Rome airport around noon and it was a 20 min. train ride into the city. Fun fact… When we were exiting the airport they didn’t make us go through customs. It was considered optional and we awkwardly hung around deciding what to do for a few minutes.

When we got to Rome we wandered around the city trying to find the Pantheon and ended up at the Roman Forum and Colosseum instead. It didn’t really matter because we were just so excited to be in Rome and every time we turned a corner we found something new. The public transportation system in Rome is not very organized and they only have two metros because every time they try and expand it a new artifact is uncovered! Luckily once you know where you’re going everything is easily within walking distance.

Europe 2013 047


That evening we ate our first pizzas in Italy at a restaurant in Campo di Fiori for only 9 euro each! They were huge!! One thing I found interesting is that authentic pizza doesn’t include tomato sauce unless it is listed as an ingredient.

A few tips on dining in Rome:

1. The water is never free

2. The bread is never free

3.Check the prices on the menu at the door before you sit down.

4. Ask if service is included because usually it is! (No tip necessary!)

IMG_0992 IMG_0993After dinner we wandered around our piazza for a bit and into the next one called Piazza Navona. It was there that we stumbled upon the most beautiful church I had ever seen, Sant’Agnese in Agone. The sun was setting behind the church, and as we admired from the steps bells began to ring. It felt like my own personal welcoming committee and I’ll never forget that!


We finished out the night by watching street performers and street artists in Piazza Navona. Our goal was to stay up until 9 pm, because even though we were extremely jet lagged we were determined to adjust our schedules. It doesn’t even start to get dark here until then so we figured that was an acceptable bedtime.


Ciao for now! -B