You mean I don’t have to sit behind a desk when I graduate?!

I know many of you are thinking, “What the heck is Brooklynn doing now?!” So here is the story of how my life path is changing once again…

I went to a Peace Corps info session at the beginning of September to find out if it was really just a bunch of hippies, or if there was some legitimacy to the organization. What I found was a group of kind-hearted and cultured return Peace Corps volunteers who patiently explained the mission of the PC and answered questions about the process to becoming a volunteer. I also noticed the group of students who showed up to the info session were all sharp individuals who were looking for an alternative option after graduation. I was told if I applied by the end of September I would be eligible to leave June-Sept 2014, so I thought why not and filled out the application. (Meaning I spent 8 hours straight completing the horrifically long application…)

I was so excited to have finally found an organization that offered more travel experiences and the chance volunteer, share another culture with my family here, and share American culture with another country! It also gave me hope that I could keep learning about small businesses and non-profit organizations without having to sit behind a desk for the next 50 years.

Then the government shut down, including the Peace Corps offices in the US. Honestly I was in the middle of a busy semester and the PC seemed so far off that it didn’t really phase me. The day the government opened again I received word that my references had been sent the form to fill out, which meant that I was on to the next phase! BIG thanks to Clair, Piper, and Sam!!!

At this point I really wasn’t thinking too seriously about PC, because the only things I knew about the application process were that it was really competitive and it took about a year to find out if you were even accepted. If you know me… you know I am NOT that patient and my focus was Boston, Boston, Boston! (After such an awesome trip who wouldn’t want to move to Boston?!… thanks Mallory and Stephanie for hosting us)


Fast forward to a month later (mid November 2013)… There I was reminiscing about a wonderful trip to Boston and looking up the job openings of every possible non-profit in the city, when I received a phone call from my Peace Corps recruiter to schedule an interview! Again, patience is not my #1 strength so I scheduled my interview within the week and woke up at 3am to drive to Dallas with my mom. It also happened to be the anniversary of JFK’s death… in Dallas… a few blocks away from the PC office, so we anticipated a lot of traffic.

Luckily we arrived early and although a random cold front decided to change the weather from 85 degrees in Houston to 30 degrees in Dallas, we made it safely. My interview went really well and I received a nomination at the conclusion of my interview!! Normally it takes anywhere from a week to a month to find out if you were nominated or not, but the program I am nominated for leaves in May 2014 and the day of my interview happened to be the LAST DAY they were accepting nominations!! (Talk about everything happening for a reason!) I know what country it is, but I don’t want to jinx anything because it is not official until I receive my actual country invitation. The sector is Community Economic Development and I would be leaving May 21st, one week after graduation!!!

In the span of one week I went from assuming I hadn’t moved on in the PC application process and I was moving to Boston, to receiving a nomination for an actual country and a program that leaves pretty much the second I graduate! Needless to say I have been using every spare moment to research the PC so I can make an informed decision. Stay tuned as I sort out my life and hopefully receive an official invitation!!