The Interview

Every Future Peace Corps Volunteer (FPCV) has to go through a tedious application process. One component of the application process is an interview with your regional recruiter, who is usually a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (RPCV). This is a time to ask questions and find out if the Peace Corps is something you truly want to pursue. The format of the interview is an hour and a half discussion while your recruiter takes notes in your file. I wore business attire like a standard job interview.

Here are some questions that were asked:

What made you think about joining the Peace Corps?

Where do you see yourself living in your Peace Corps village? What do you think your working conditions will be like? Imagine a typical day in the Peace Corps. What will you eat, where will you live, how will you get around, how will you bathe and wash your clothes?

Where do you see yourself ten years from now? How will the Peace Corps experience help you reach your future life goals?

In what ways do you imagine you will have to adapt when you arrive in your host country?

What skills do you want to learn while a volunteer? How will Peace Corps change you?

How will the local community benefit by having an American volunteer live with them for two years?

How will your time in country help the local community change their image of America and Americans?

What is your greatest concern about joining? What is your biggest wish/number one goal?

Please tell me about an experience when you were able to transfer some knowledge or skill to someone who was different from yourself. What did you learn about your interpersonal skills from that experience? What did you learn about the other person?

And the one that stumped me at first… 

Tell me about a time when you had trouble following a rule.

Good luck as you begin your application journey! Please comment below if you have any further questions about the interview process.