Peace Corps- Invitation!

^^^ This title is what I saw in my inbox on Saturday, January 25th…

& this was my reaction…


After two months of waiting (which is actually really short in Peace Corps waiting time) and checking my iPhone every time I heard the email ding sound, there was my invitation!!

Two days earlier I was telling my mom about my painful daily ritual of waking up and holding my breathe as I checked my email only to be heartbroken. Then counting down the hours until the weekend was over because I thought nothing would come on a Saturday or Sunday.

I opened it right away, jumping up and down screaming as I read, “Congratulations! It is with great pleasure that we invite you to begin training in Peru for Peace Corps service.” My roommate legitimately thought we were being robbed or something because of how much I was screaming.  I had promised my mom that she would be the first person I told, but I was not that patient… so I called her and pretended to open it for the first time again! (Sorry mom.)

I accepted the invitation online and immediately received about five more emails full of medical and other paperwork! Not going to lie, seeing all the shots I need made me really nauseous. Wish me luck!

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 4.07.25 PM

Here is an overview of what I’ll be doing and some fun facts I didn’t know about Peace Corps Peru!

-I’ll be living in Peru from June 2014- August 2016. Which means I will have just turned 24 by the time I get back!

-“As a Community Economic Development Volunteer, [I’ll] be serving as a consultant to artisan associations, farmer associations,  and other small groups of entrepreneurs. [I] will help them organize and improve their business practices, including the use of information and communication technologies in marketing and business management.”

-All volunteers in Peru live with a host family for the full 27 months.

– Peru is “three times the size of California, and the country is home to approximately 29 million people of various cultures.”

-“An estimated 56% of the rural population lives in poverty and 20.5% of the rural population lives in extreme poverty.”

-Peru is home to mountains, rain forests, deserts, and coastal cities!

-I will train for 10 weeks in Lima and then find out which city I’ll be living in for my two years of service. It could be anything from a relatively large and dry coastal city, to a small indigenous community in the Andes.

Map of Peru

I’m so excited!!! Only 99 days to graduation and 125 days until I leave for Peru!