Portugal: You Only Lagos Once

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One of the great things about studying abroad in Spain is the opportunity to take weekend trips to neighboring countries! After a very successful trip to Morocco with Discover Excursions a group of us decided to take their trip to Lagos, Portugal. They offer affordable prices, transportation, great accommodations, and awesome guides!! After doing it all on my own for the three weeks prior to Spain I was definitely all for a planned weekend.

When we arrived at our hotel we discovered that we were literally on the beach, so naturally the first thing we all did was head down to enjoy the views and the water!

That night we went to a local discoteca and danced the night (and morning) away. Lagos is known for its night life and chill beach atmosphere, which makes for late nights and lazy days! Naturally the next day we headed for the beach and were let loose to tan, body surf, or shop. On the way we made a quick pit stop at some local cliffs. Usually you can kayak or sail through the area, but there was a tropical storm heading in so the water was really rough.


After a relaxing day on the beach we cleaned up and got ready for another night out. Our evening started with a trip to the “end of the world”… otherwise known as the cliffs where Europeans thought the world ended back in the day. The route is very serene; there is a two lane road that goes for miles and miles along the coast and ends at an observatory on the cliffs. We made it just in time for sunset, and after a very serious talk about not falling off the cliffs (apparently this happens more than it should) we were set free to enjoy this natural wonder. If I didn’t know better I would have agreed with Europeans all those years ago.

After experiencing the breathtaking sunset, we headed into Lagos for dinner and more dancing! There is a burger place in Lagos called Nah Nah Bah that’s one of the “50 Most Amazing Burger Joints in the World”, so OF COURSE we had to go. With a Jamaican theme, DJ, and indoor wooden picnic tables, the atmosphere is everything you would hope for of a beach town burger joint. Oh, the burger… it is out of this world and literally the best thing my tastebuds have ever experienced! I will go back to Lagos for this burger alone. Not joking.

At night the city came alive and street performers, artisans, and promoters wandered through the crowds.

The next day we had the opportunity to travel to the famous West Coast beaches and take surfing lessons! Our instructors were great and it was an authentic surfer hangout beach complete with a snack shack. We got a 20 min. lesson on land and then had a few hours to try our luck at catching a wave. Out of our whole group I think only two of us actually got up once… sadly I was not one of them. I have a newfound respect for surfers! It takes so much strength and balance!

I finished off the weekend by almost missing the bus home because I was taking so many pictures! Luckily our awesome guides caught me before they headed out and I ended up getting some great shots. Overall it was a much needed relaxing weekend and I can say I learned how to surf in Portugal! Until next time Lagos. -B