Greetings from Peru!

We made it!! After a day of orientation in D.C. and a full day of flying, we’ve arrived in Lima. Here is our first group picture as Peru 23. There are about 40 of us, with a few more Youth Development volunteers than Community Economic Development.

Peace Corps Peru 23

The journey started with a 7am flight out of Houston with 130 lbs of luggage and a sad goodbye.
Leaving for Peace Corps Peru

The day of staging in D.C. was mostly paperwork and a general introduction to the Peace Corps! We also did a lot of icebreakers and got to introduce ourselves. There are 6 other Texans in our group! (Go Texas)
Texas Peace corps girls

Thursday was flight day… aka wait around in the airport for 4 hours playing cards, fly to Miami, wait another 2.5 hours, fly to Lima. Peace Corps is already SO organized and surprisingly getting 40 Americans through two airports, baggage pick up, and customs was uneventful!

We got into Lima around 9:30 and were greeted by an excited bunch of current volunteers! They made signs and cheered as we walked out of the airport. I can already tell I hit the “Peace Corps jackpot” with Peru.

Now we’re at a retreat center outside of Lima staying in dorm style rooms (with hot showers!!) until Sunday when we move in with our host families! We are getting to know each other, a few current volunteers, and all of the staff. Everyone is so nice and I can tell they really want to do everything they can to help us be happy and successful. We also had a “Survival Spanish” session and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I actually remember! Hopefully I’ll be able to pick up where I left off in Spain last summer.
Peace Corps Peru 23 retreat
Peace Corps Peru 23 retreat

I am SO impressed by my fellow Peru 23 trainees. We come from all different backgrounds and everyone has a lot of experience in development work. It is a huge blessing to be surrounded by like minded people!