Training family, new address, and all that jazz.

Peru 23 Group
Today we found out where we will be living for the next 11 weeks and a little bit about our new host families! Our training center is located about an hour outside of Lima and then we all live in little towns in the surrounding area. I’m moving to Yanacoto with about ten other volunteers. It’s the furthest away from the training center so we’ll be taking the combis (Peruvian public transportation) to school everyday.

My host family is a mom and dad, and three kids. The kids are ages 2, 8, and 13. The two youngest are boys and the eldest is mi hermana. I’m SO excited to meet them!! I obviously love big families… I’m the oldest of five.

I also have an address now! You can send letters but we’ve been advised not to get packages. (If that changes I’ll let ya’ll know.)

Brooklynn Adelman
Cuerpo de Paz
Calle Los Cedros 647, Chaclacayo
Lima 8- Peru
South America

I’m not sure when I’ll have internet next, but I’ll be sure to give ya’ll more information about life here in Peru when I do! To end with a fun fact, I ate beets for the first time since my childhood. For those of ya’ll who know me, you know that’s a big deal because beets are the only food I (thought) I hated!
Beet Salad

View of the Andes from the retreat center outside of Lima!
View of the Andes from the retreat center outside of Lima!