Mi Casa en Peru!

Welcome to my new home! I moved in with my amazing host family on Sunday and now live in Yanacoto. We are essentially in a “suburb” of Chaclacayo… in the loosest sense of the word. Yanacoto is built into the side of a dusty mountain, so in order to get to school we walk 15 mins. down a steep hill and then take a combi for 15 mins. to the training center. In this area if you claim land and live on it long enough it becomes your property, so the higher up the mountain you go the more squatters you see.

There is a school, church, and futbol field in Yanacoto! There are also tiendas in the front rooms of many of the houses and a few internet cabinas full of kids playing videogames. It only costs 1 sole for an hour of internet! (2.8 soles= $1)

We also have quite a few stray dogs roaming the streets, and one of them bit a trainee on Sunday. Usually if you carry a rock and pretend to throw it they run away quickly… but it’s definitely one of my least favorite things about Peru.

My house is humble, but SO full of love!
It’s made of brick, wood, cardboard, tin, cement, and rocks.

Here’s my front door and the first level.
Living Room Peace Corps Peru

Upstairs there are 3 bedrooms, one bathroom, and a kitchen. There is tin covering most of the spaces, but it’s not sealed and there is no back door so it’s basically outside.

Here are the two doors to the kid’s room and my parent’s room, as well as the bathroom (on the far right).

The bathroom is one of the more modern rooms! Toilet paper goes in the trashcan and we can’t drink the tap water, but other than that it’s similar to restrooms in the states.
bathroom in Yanacoto

The kitchen is pictured below and my bedroom window is on the left.
kitchen in Peru

Peace Corps kitchen

My room is great! It’s a lot bigger than I expected and it stays cold all night. Peace Corps has regulations for our housing, so I really do have the nicest room in the house. (Thanks to everyone at home for the décor!)
Peace Corps room in Peru

My roof is made of tin, which is fun when the cats play on top of it at night! Haha, the first time one of them jumped on top it scared the living daylights out of me.
tin roof in Peru

Outside the “back door”… aka a large piece of black plastic we set up to keep stray dogs out, there is a laundry area and a rock path (the mountain) up to a little overgrown garden!
back door in Yanacoto

We do have a washing machine, but it doesn’t work very well so my mom only uses it for denim. I have to learn to wash my clothes by hand because chances are I won’t have a washing machine in my permanent site, so I’m just going to do it by hand from the beginning.
laundry area Yanacoto

My uncle also lives next door and loves to blast American music all day! It’s hilarious!! He helps watch Leo (the 2 yr. old) while my mom is cleaning the school where she works. There is a button in our kitchen that makes a buzzer go off in his “house”, so when it’s time to eat my mom rings it and he comes to get food. He also has 4 cats that I LOVE playing with!
house in Yanacoto

We also have a few other neighbors…
chickens in Yanacoto Peru

Well, that’s my house for the next 11 weeks! I will try and take a video at some point. Feel free to send letters and pictures… I’m trying to fill my walls! I love ya’ll so much. -B