The Widow-maker and a Peruvian Baby

My first few showers in Peru took place at the retreat center in a Girl-Scout camp like shower… cement, two knobs, and warm water for about 5 mins. When I moved into my training family’s house I didn’t know what to expect, but surprisingly we do have warm water!

There is this nifty invention that warms the water as it comes out of the showerhead. I’m not sure what the real name is, but the common nickname is a “widow-maker”.

I’m sure by now ya’ll are really curious as to why this contraption was given such a name. Well, in order to heat water you need electricity and as you might suspect when you have wires running through your shower occasionally someone might get shocked.

My mom reassured me that the wires were covered in plastic so it’s really safe, but on Monday when I took my first shower I found out that was not the case! I am too tall for the shower so when I reached up to lather on the shampoo I accidently grazed the showerhead and received an energizing shock. I definitely learned my lesson and from now on I’ll be using the hunch and lather method!
Shower in Yanacoto, Peru

Now to end on a happier note, let me introduce you to my best friend in Peru. This is my host brother Leonardo! He is almost two years old and loves to take selfies on my iPhone.
Peruvian baby
Selfie with my Peruvian brother