Mas pan? The food of Week 1

After one week in Peru I have heard so many things about all of the wonderful dishes that are native to this country! I can’t wait to try them all.

I’ve been asked by a few people what my diet looks like right now. Well, let me show you!

Breakfast is bread with butter or jelly, warm milk, and sometimes yogurt. I definitely lucked out with the yogurt because most of the people I’ve talked to just eat bread with jelly for breakfast.
Bread for breakfast in Peru

Around 10am we have una pausa and my mom usually packs a mandarin or apple to snack on.

Lunch always consists of rice and potatoes, usually with chicken or beans. I’ve also had a “salad” made of tomatoes, beets, and onions twice this week!
ensalada russo

We all bring our lunches to the training center in tupperware. Peruvian mothers care a lot about their tupperware so it is always very important to bring it back so you can use it the next day! I don’t know what happens if you forget your tupperware… but I don’t want to be the first one to find out.
Arroz con Pollo Peace Corps Peru

When I get home from training around 6pm my mom is usually in the kitchen heating up whatever was for lunch. We always have the same thing for lunch and dinner, so around 7:30 when my dad gets home from work we all eat in front of the TV and watch Esto es Guerra! They love team Cobra so we always cheer on that team, even though they always lose.

With dinner mom and I usually get tea, which makes sense because water has to be boiled in order to drink it in Yanacoto. After the TV show is over I usually help with the dishes and then head to bed!

I brought my family Sour Patch Kids (which they love) and sometimes after dinner the kids sneak one. I always say they have such good self control because I could never eat just one sour patch kid, and there is no way one bag would last over a week at my house in Texas!