Peaces of Love: Week 1

The first week of training really did feel like 6 months! I have already fallen in love with all of the people and food in Peru. Instead of writing out the minor details of my week I thought it would be fun to share little “Peaces” of Peruvian love (and quirks).

-I feel like a little kid and I love it! My mom waits for me outside when I get home from school and worries if I don’t show up around the same time. She also sends me off to training everyday with a sack lunch in hand.

-The sneaky cats jumped into the kitchen around 10:30 the other night and had a catfight over the potatoes. This resulted in the pile of neatly stacked potatoes falling all over the floor and a very scared volunteer frozen in her bed.

-Every time I walk in the door my 2 yr. old host brother reaches his arms up for me to hold him. He also laughs hysterically when I make a fish face.

-Yanacoto has a loudspeaker and around 6:30am, 8:30am, 5pm, and 8:30pm a man gets on and makes announcements… Except no one can actually understand what he is saying, nor does it seem like they care.

-The announcer also doesn’t know how to use the loudspeaker so the first and last things we here are heavy breathing because he doesn’t realize the speaker is still sounding.

-A man walks the streets screaming “Un pollito por una botella!” Translating to “I’ll give you a live baby chick if you give me a glass bottle.” Yes, he is serious.

-Seeing a woman pull down her pants and pop a squat on the busiest highway in Lima.

-Eating chicken off the bone with a spoon… I will pay someone to teach me how to do this effectively.

-Having half my body out the door on a moving combi because it was thaaat packed!

-I’ve now survived 6 shots including 2 rabies shots! (This is a huge accomplishment.)

-I go to bed around 9pm every night and it feels like midnight.

-Poop talks that are supposedly going to become a regular dinner topic amongst volunteers.

-Making friends with the neighborhood little boys that play outside my house all night and hearing 1,000 “Good mornings” every time I walk past them at 6pm on my way home from school. Gotta love 10 year Peruvian English!

Last but not least…
-Feeding the chicken bones to our cats! They are SO adorable.