Chosica and the Human Washing Machine…

I have been putting off laundry for a while, but after almost two weeks I finally ran out of clean clothes. You know what that means?! I spent my Saturday morning learning how to wash my clothes by hand. We have a washing machine, but I (most likely) won’t have one in my permanent site so Peace Corps recommends that we learn how to do it by hand during training. Once I got in the grove and blasted some tunes it wasn’t so bad.
Peruvian washing machine

After my morning adventure I headed to the big town up the road, called Chosica, with four other volunteers. We took a stroll through the little central park and enjoyed the European looking water feature.
Parque Chosica in Peru

There was a Chinese restaurant on the corner so we decided to seize the moment! Chinese food is really popular in Peru and it’s called “Chifa”. For the small price of about $4 we got soup and massive plates of food… it was heavenly. I opted for the wonton soup and some sort of shrimp stir fry!
Chifa in Peru

Wonton Soup in Peru

When we literally could not eat anymore, we decided to head to the huge outdoor mercado and walk it off. Anything you can think of can be found here for a cheaper price than in the real stores if you know how to bargain. The stalls are lined with fresh produce, avocados, passion fruit, and women chopping off fish heads. You can also buy cleaning products, clothes, electronics, and office supplies. I ended up getting an adapter, detergent, fabric softener, and toothpaste!
Fruit stand outdoor market Peru

Laura is obsessed with fruit juice and when she spotted a stand that would make fresh strawberry pineapple juice we all had to take advantage of it! For about $1.50 the woman blended handfuls upon handfuls of strawberries and pineapples together and passed out glasses complete with ice. I finally found my happy place in Peru… it was amazing!
Fresh squeezed juice in Peru

The adventure ended around 6pm and we all headed back to our little towns. When I walked in the door my host mom told me to grab my things because she was going to show me Chosica at night! Haha, of course I said yes and back to Chosica we went. The city was beautiful at night! We got to see the Cristo Blanco and a bunch of famous street art.
Cristo blanco in Chosica

Street art in Chosica

Bridge street art in Chosica

We also had a few errands to run, so we went back to the mercado and visited the tailor, an electronic stand, and a sweet potato chip man! Sunday was spent catching up on work and watching the USA vs. Portugal game. I love the weekends because we get a chance to explore and hangout with our families!