Peaces of Love: Take 2

-The combis went on strike for a day so we got to sleep in and get picked up in the Peace Corps van.

-The combis were on strike because they thought they were getting too many tickets from the police and didn’t want to pay them. (Haha, someone make that make sense.)
Combi ride in Peru

-We got our awesome new Nokia brick phones! Guess I better brush up on my T9.

-My Spanish teacher said she has never taken a selfie, so of course I had to change that!
Selfie with Ingrid

-Babies get switched frequently! Apparently the bigger hospitals get so full that it is a common mistake to switch babies around and send the wrong one home with a family.

-I figured out that the moto taxi is only 80 centimos. Meaning I don’t have to hike up the hill and spend my night covered in sweat. (Thanks host mama for showing me this wonderful amenity.)

-The street dogs don’t have food, so they eat out of trash bags and if they’re lucky someone will throw out extra food. The same street dogs can frequently be found wearing sweaters!

-I finally saw cuy! (Guinea pig)
Cuy in Peru

-Sleeping in on the weekend means 8am.

-College students are the same all around the world… rowdy, always trying to impress the opposite sex, and will only answer questions for candy.

-When I’m walking around Yanacoto I always make a point to say hello to everyone I pass, because they are all staring anyways so I figure I might as well acknowledge them. The other day when I said “good afternoon” to a woman she told me I speak beautiful Spanish!!

-The crew of little boys that play outside my house love these Peruvian toys called trompos, essentially a spiny top connected to a string, and they have started giving me trompo lessons.
El trompo in Peru

-A Christmas mobile randomly appeared above our kitchen table.

-My neighbors blast the Nutcracker soundtrack… I’m sensing a common trend here! Maybe Christmas is in July?

-Shalin’s mom sells fried chicken and French fries in Yanacoto every night and it is becoming the volunteer hangout spot.
Fried Chicken in Peru

-My mom walked two houses down at 9pm to go to the dentist in her pjs.

-Firework/ gunshot noises go off at random hours of the day and night. There is always some sort of fiesta!

-My host mom crocheted me a scarf!
Scarf from Host Mom