You Only Lima Once

Here is the short video version:

After almost a month in Peru our teachers decided that we were sane enough to handle the big city. Lima holds 1/3 of the entire population of Peru! It is divided into sections, and just like any other big city some are prettier and safer than others.

Peace Corps Peru 23 in Lima Churros in Lima

We decided to stick to the touristy route and had a great day of history, food, and shopping. The entire training group started with a tour of the Palacio Gobierno, where the president lives and works. It was absolutely beautiful and there were pieces of history around every corner.Government Palace in Lima

The door behind us is the entrance to the President’s quarters.Spanish Class in Lima

This is where the President gives press conferences.

In 2003 this painting was created to represent the changes taking place in Peru.
Government Palace in Lima, Peru

After the tour everyone split into their Spanish classes for some cultural integration time… we talked a little bit in the Plaza de Armas and then decided to get a full view of the city from the mirador. On our way to the bus we spotted a Dunkin Donuts, so of course we had to stop!

We took a 30 min. bus ride up the outer neighborhoods of Lima to a lookout spot! It put in perspective how big Lima is because I couldn’t even see the ocean from where we were. The view of the catacombs and a few churches was well worth it. We also signed our name on the cement wall (a tradition in this mirador).Mirador in Lima, Peru

The rest of the afternoon we were free to roam the city and just had to find our way back to our host families by 7pm. A group of us decided to get lunch and then go on a shoe shopping adventure! Note to future Peru volunteers: Pack boots because dust and sandals or flats don’t mix well.

For 10 soles (about $3.50) we got a menu at a restaurant right off the plaza! “Menu” is not the paper thing you order from, but rather a deal where you get an appetizer and main dish with a drink for a cheaper price.

I had Ceviche and Lomo Saltado… my two favorites!!Ceviche in Lima, Peru Lomo Saltado in Lima, Peru

Here are some pictures of what other people got.

Peruvian Food in Lima Food in Lima, Peru red pepper in Peru

The Brazil vs. Chile game was also on TV in the restaurants, so the street right next to the patio was packed with Peruvians trying to get a peek of the score. Peru doesn’t have a great national soccer team, but they all have a strong dislike for Chile so anytime Chile is playing everyone is watching and hoping they lose. (The dislike stems from a war not to long ago when Chile occupied most of Peru for a long time.)Chile vs. Brazil World Cup

The rest of the afternoon was spent exploring and trying to find shoes; that proves to be especially difficult when you have big feet. Although, I did find a PayLess with a little section of shoes my size!

We caught a combi back to Yanacoto and the 2.5-hour ride through traffic was uneventful. Lima was fun for a day, but I can’t wait to explore more of Peru!