My new home for TWO YEARS is…

Santa Cruz, Cajamarca!

That’s right, at the end of training I will be heading to a town in Andes Mountains in Northern Peru. My new home is in Cajamarca, the dairy capital of Peru, at an elevation of 2,035m (~7,000 ft.). There are 7,900 people in the town of Santa Cruz, and 76 annexes in the surrounding campo area. A total population of about 11,300!

The best part is that I have a “site mate”, in Peace Corps terms this means a volunteer from another sector who lives in the same town and works with different project goals. My site mate is… ALLIE!! I am beyond excited for this because we have been friends since before Peace Corps, we are both from Houston, and she is my biggest support system in Peru.

She is a Youth Development volunteer, so she’ll be working in schools and with the health center teaching everything from self-esteem to sex education. I’ll be working in an institute teaching business courses, working with artisan associations, the municipality, and forming community banks. There will definitely be projects Allie and I will do together too… like maybe an exercise club, or summer school!
New Peace Corps Volunteers in Santa Cruz, Cajamarca, Peru

We are 6 hours away from the capital city of Cajamarca and about 2 hours away from the nearest volunteer. There are nine people from Peru 23 heading to Cajamarca. Even though we’re spread out I’m sure there will be lots of visits because these guys are awesome! I’ll for sure get to see everyone once a week for regional meetings.
Cajamarca Crew

I can’t wait to visit my site in two weeks! I’ll definitely fill ya’ll in on how amazing it is when I get back.