Treat Yo Self

Training is a full time gig and with classes from 8am-5pm every weekday and some cultural activities on weekends it’s nice to get out of our bubble every now and then. Peace Corps is a 24/7 job, especially in site when your whole community knows everything you’re doing. Our bosses understand that, so we get great things like 24 vacation days a year, a chance to work with other volunteers/see their sites during tech exchanges, and trainings in different places throughout Peru during our service.

There is one phrase in particular that has been stressed to us throughout training… “Treat Yo Self!”

If you’ve been planning a training for three weeks and no one shows up… Treat yo self to a fresh juice on the way home and try again tomorrow.

When it comes time to take your vacation… Treat yo self and go for the hostal with hot water.

If it’s just one of those days… grab a book and treat yo self to some alone time!

Or in our case, when you’re in a country that is recognized internationally for its cuisine, treat yo self to a fine dining experience once in a while. (Even if it does cost more than half your weekly allowance.)
lover statue

With this phrase in mind a group of about 15 of us headed into the beautiful Miraflores for a day of window-shopping by the beach and an exquisite meal at Panchita, owned by the famous Peruvian chef Gastón Acurio.Peace Corps Peru 23 at Panchita

The adventure began seaside, watching Para gliders navigate through the winter fog, and enjoying warm chocolate chip cookies at Starbucks.Lima seaside

Allie at Starbucks with cookie


The shopping center was full of rebajas in celebration of Fiestas Patrias, so we picked up some needed goods like boots, coats, and Nalgene bottles.

After a few hours of perusing through shops we headed to Panchita! The ambiance was beautiful and the décor was eclectic and colorful.Allie and Brooklynn at Panchita

We ordered everything from soft bread (a rarity in Lima) to intestines and fried blood. All the food was delicious and it was a great way to try an array of Peruvian dishes.Food at Panchita

Allie's food at Panchita

Paula's food at Panchita

After the meal we stumbled upon a concert for the upcoming holiday, so we enjoyed the music and light show before heading back to our communities.Peruvian flags in Lima

Concert in the Park in Lima