“I’m feeling 22” -T. Swift

My first birthday abroad was a roller coaster of emotions. I know they say as you get older birthdays start to become “just another day”, but my birthday is my favorite holiday so it is my life goal to make sure that is never the case. Although this one was not spent at a Tex Mex restaurant, drive-in movie theater, or Disney Land, it was my very first day in site! There is no better present in the world than finally getting to see my new home for the next two years… except maybe the poncho my host mom crocheted for my birthday.

More pictures to come, but here is a taste of Santa Cruz, Cajamarca.
Santa Cruz, Cajamarca Plaza de Armas

Road to Santa Cruz, Cajamarca

It turned out to be more of a birth-week than day, because the Cajamarca crew wanted to celebrate with me before we all went our separate ways! Monday we took a “treat yo self” pass and went to a brick oven pizza place in Cajamarca City. Yes, I found Hawaiian pizza… and yes, it was the best pizza I’ve ever had.
birthday pizza

group birthday celebration in Cajamarca

On a serious note, thank you SO much to everyone for all the wonderful birthday wishes!! I miss you all more than you know and when I found internet and had like 100 Facebook messages and notifications it absolutely made my day. Behind every volunteer is an even stronger support system of family and friends, and let me tell ya that ya’lls support really does make all the difference. I would not be here following my dreams without all the late night life talks in the Chi Omega house, or hours of “figuring life out” phone calls with family and friends. The opportunity to be here in Peru is the best gift I could have ever wished for!