Afternoon Walks and Adventures

Afternoons in small town Peru are very calm (some might even say boring at times). For the most part, everyone hangs out in their houses after lunch, little boys run around outside, and the fried chicken lady wheels her cart into the park so all the men can eat and talk in the plaza. The air is crisp and the sun is not brutally hot. I have started going for walks or sitting in the park in the afternoons and everyday brings a different adventure!
Afternoon plaza Santa Cruz, Cajamarca, Peru

Last week I was giving Allie a voice lesson in the park and slowly children started to gather around and listen to the gringas sing. After a few minutes a brave child came up and asked if we would teach them a song in English, so of course we chose Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes. I mean what kid doesn’t love all the fun hand motions that go along with that song. First we taught them the words, then the motions, and then we played a game where we sped up or slowed down the song. It was a hit and every time I walk by one of the kids they start singing and attempting to remember how to pronounce the word “shoulders”.

English songs in Peru in the park

Yesterday we were walking through a part of the community up the mountain that I have never seen and a gang of 7-10 year old boys spotted us… that was the end of the tranquilo walk! After asking me what my name was about 100 times the boys finally decided on “Bruce Lee” because no one could say “Brooklynn”. They then proceeded to ask how to say each of their names in English. I had a good laugh at this one because they were all names like David, Jose, and Fran, which sound exactly the same in both English and Spanish. Never the less, every time I said one of their names in “English” a roar of laughter broke out!

The best part of the afternoon is the end when the light show starts around 6:15 and the clouds roll in over the mountains as the sun sets! Welcome to my happy place.

Sunset in Santa Cruz, Cajamarca, Peru