Watch out for that WATER BALLOON!

Children hiding in the bushes, unsuspecting victims running as balloons fly through the air, laughter erupts as the water war continues. February in Cajamarca is the month of Carnavales!

This means it is free game to dump water on your friends as they walk down the street. The attack usually comes in the form of water balloons or a water gun, but water bottles and buckets are common as well.
water balloon fight in Peru

The plaza and schoolyards during breaks are the most common battlegrounds. Children soak their friends and get soaked and then return to class.
Students in Cajamarca, Peru

I too have fallen victim to a stray balloon, followed by a grasp from the child who threw it when he realized he accidently hit the gringa. Haha, I was honored. I considered it a part of the Cajamarca initiation!
Peace Corps Peru Carnaval

The water war lasts the entire month, but this weekend is the big Carnaval celebration! I will be sure to report back about what the festivities entail. (I hear there is a giant paint war one day!)