Vamos a la Playa! Let’s go catch a wave.

Many of you already know that am back in Texas for a few weeks, so I thought I would take this time to catch up on some of the posts I’ve started but never finished. We’re going to time travel a little and I’ll fill ya’ll in on some fun events that didn’t quite make it due to super slow internet and zero patience for super slow internet!

(Also, I had a request for a post on transportation in Peru so that is in the works. If you have a fun topic or pressing issue you are dying to find out more about, then comment below and I will do a post about it!)

Now… what ya’ll came here for… THE BEACH!

Beach Vacation Zorritos Peru

Horses on the beach vacation Mancora, Peru

One of the fabulous things about living in Peru is the access to so many diverse locations. From beautiful beaches and desert sand dunes, to the Amazon rainforest, to the snow capped peaks or rolling green of the Andes mountains, Peru has it all!

This time was a special occasion because three volunteers were celebrating birthdays within four days. Including a big 30 for one of my best friends Katie! So we headed to the beautiful beaches of North Peru to escape rainy season and spend some quality time with nature at an eco lodge. (After celebrating 30 in Mancora for a night.)

Birthday Girl Katie!
Birthday Girl Katie!

Peace Corps Volunteers on the beach Peru

With nothing but sand, sun, and the ocean it turned out to be the perfect vacation. There were hammocks scattered throughout the ecolodge so afternoon naps while listening to waves crash on the beach were a must! Nights were filled with music around a bonfire, thanks to the amazing guitar players we have in our group.

sunset in Zorritos, Peru guitar

cabana on the beach zorritos, Peru

One of the nice things about traveling to places like Zorritos is that there is usually a kitchen space and if you buy food from the local market you can eat cheap. That is exactly what we did! Everyday we went into town and got a seafood lunch for about $2 and then stocked up on fresh produce to snack on, and as a group planned dinner. One night we had tacos and the other spaghetti. Thanks to the thrifty chefs of the group taco night even included homemade tortillas! (They don’t sell tortillas in Peru.)

guacamole fresh on the beach Peru

We even got a surprise visit from some wild horses scavenging for leftovers!

Wild horses on the beach vacation in Zorritos, Peru

The highlight of the weekend was getting a surfing lesson! One of the guys is an avid surfer and he was able to rent a board in town for two days for $10. Now I “tried” surfing in Portugal a few summers ago with no success, so I was ecstatic to be able to learn more. The waves were brutal so I mostly practiced the swimming, balancing, and didn’t actually get up… but it was so fun! That is one of my goals in Peru, get up on a surfboard.

Surf School in Mancora, Peru Surfing in Mancora, Peru Catching Waves in Zorritos, Peru

When planning a trip through Peru, don’t pass up the tranquilo beaches up North. It is so cheap to eat, sleep, and get around. Plus the locals are extremely friendly and you get to experience a part of Peru that is not overrun by tourism. The artisanal work is abundant and the food is fresh and delicious!

Peace Corps Peru vacation on the beach

Now for the best pictures… Sunsets!

Sunset in Zorritos, Peru beach vacation Sunset on the beach in Zorritos, Peru