The Big Move Part Two! Peace Corps Cribs

Surprise! Ya’ll didn’t have to wait long for Part Two.

Well we left off with my arrival in Contumaza, Cajamarca. (Read Part One Here) After a tiring journey I finally found a home and wow did I hit the jackpot! The space is actually two room divided by a wall that goes almost all the way to the ceiling.

Here is my Peace Corps Cribs video tour:

(For those reading this via email, you have to visit the actual webpage of my blog to see the video. Either on this post or under the “videos” tab.)

When you walk in the first room is my kitchen area, desk work space, and a craft/ class prep/ dinner table.

The kitchen is decorated with magazine cutouts to collect the grease while cooking, because it’s way more fun than just taping a brown piece of paper on the wall like normal.
Peace Corps Peru kitchen diy

Magazine wall DIY kitchen Peace Corps Peru

Then to the right I found some old bottles in the trash, cleaned them, and then hung them from the wall at varying lengths.
Bottle wall art DIY Peace Corps cribs Peru

My desk area is also the photo wall! Thanks to my amazing little, Jess, I have a sheet from the US with pictures of friends and Texas things ironed on. DIY Desk Photo Wall Peace Corps cribs

The craft/ class prep/ dinner table area is adorned with braids made out of yarn, photos, and a chalkboard that I am so proud of! Also, the “picture frames” are made by sticking washi tape onto the wall in decorative patterns. Craft table antique wood diy yarn art Peace corps cribs

DIY wall art yarn braids photo wall

DIY wall art washi tape photo frames

Then when you walk into my bedroom area there are all the crafts, bed decor, and reading corner that have followed me since room #1 as a Peace Corps Volunteer. Peace Corps cribs Peru bedroom DIY DIY Crate dresser Peace Corps cribs Peru

Reading nook Peace Corps cribs Peru diy

In addition I made a hanging rack out of a wooden pole and some nylon string, and decorated this area by painting my favorite Quechua phrase on some old pieces of wood.
DIY Hanging clothes rack Peace Corps cribs Peru DIY Quechua quote hanging clothes rack Peace Corps cribs Peru

Also, this yarn art piece is new and I am in love with it! It was so easy. Literally I just found a stick and slip knotted a bunch of yarn onto it and then trimmed the bottom and made this funky angle. DIY yarn wall art Peace Corps cribs

DIY Yarn stick wall art Peace Corps cribs Peru
After a quick coat of green paint and some easy DIY decor the space feels like home again! The Big Move was an adventure and a test of patience to say the least, but now that I am here and all set up I can already tell great things are to come!

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