Peaces of Lima Love

Sunset Surco Lima Peru Peace Corps

There comes a time in every blogger’s life when you are spending so much time living that it is hard to find the time to write about life. Believe it or not each blog post takes me 5-7 hours to write, edit, find pictures, and do search engine optimization! Well I am writing this from the most amazing little Mexican restaurant in Buenos Aires to apologize for my hiatus. I have been busy developing the digital marketing strategy for Peace Corps Perú (found here on Facebook) and the video/photo/social media/international volunteer program for Sinfonía por el Perú (found here on Facebook) that I haven’t had much time to write to you all.

I have good news! I am motivated and back, ready to take y’all to Bolivia, Argentina, Uruguay, and of course the behind the scenes of my life as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Perú. To start, I want to continue my Peaces of Love series and share with y’all some of the little moments of my daily life in Lima.

Peaces of Love

Lima Public Bus Ride Peace Corps Peru Blog
-The hour bus ride to the Peace Corps office where I get to jam to Khalid and watch the city go by while crowds of Limeños cram into bus 3408. I strategically sit near the back of the bus to assure I’ll have a seat the whole way, because unwritten rules of Lima public transit require the young people stand up and offer their seats to anyone older than them. Street musicians get on and off, as well as women selling popcorn and chocolate… there is never a dull moment on the bus!
Ceviche with Friends in Lima Peru Peace Corps
-My corner office with Mapi and Eloy is my haven. There was never a dull moment and we passed our days working hard and laughing harder… I say was because Eloy recently resigned after 6 years with Sinfonía por el Peru! We even have an inside joke going that we are the abuelita (grandma) Mapi because she hardly ever goes out and doesn’t hear us sometimes, la gigante (giant) which is me because hello I’m way taller than everyone in Perú, and the gnomo (gnome) Eloy because he is significantly shorter than me.
-Eating arepas and learning Venezuelan slang is my life. I have been blessed to find a family of incredible Venezuelan musicians in Perú who moved here to teach the kids in the orchestra. They have accepted me as one of their own and I can now proudly make a mean arepa! Without them I don’t know what I would do here.
-Salsa dancing has awakened a hidden beast inside of me. I am a terrible gringa dancer but I love to feel the beat and move my feet! There is nothing like dancing with a great man who knows how to lead and I have had so much fun integrating into the Latin culture. I’m going to start taking classes so I can actually learn some tricks… stay tuned!
Hortensias Hydrangeas in Lima Peru Blog Peace Corps
-My garden has become a reason to smile every morning as I open my door to the rooftop and say hi to the beautiful herbs and blooms. I have loved watching as my Mother in Law’s Tongue sprouted flowers and my hydrangea began to show small buds! I feel accomplished that I have kept all my plants alive for almost a year now. (Well minus the cilantro the bugs got to… RIP.)
-The afternoon walks through my neighborhood and trying to reach 8,000 steps per day is beginning to open my eyes to simplistic beauty that I find all around Lima on a daily basis. From the bright colored houses, to the smell of freshly baked bread, to the humid ocean air and beautiful coastal views, I still continue to have those “pinch me I live in Perú” moments!
If you want to see my daily travels and adventures live, I keep a really consistent Instagram story going on @nosleeptillpeace… let’s meet there!