Peruvian Pichuberry Guacamole 

One of my 2016 goals is to experiment more in the campo cooking department. For those of you who know me this might come as a surprise, but I cook now! Well mostly out of necessity because in my tiny Peace Corps town restaurants are only open for lunch and only Monday-Saturday. The lucky part…

Music Notes and Marketing

Our training was from 8:30-5pm everyday and it was surprisingly really fun! The first half of the week we learned about small business consulting in Peru and then were given the task to meet with a business in Cajamarca for two days and conduct a diagnostic and then identify some areas of improvement and prepare a short workshop for the owners.

Wedding Bells Part Two: Coastal Edition

During this wedding the dance floor was starting to empty and all of the sudden the Mario Bros theme song starts up and giant Mario, Bowser, Yoshi, Luigi etc. appear out of nowhere and started dancing with the bride and groom. Then lights started flashing a confetti started shooting out and men on stilts entered and started pulling guests onto the dance floor! It was like a mini carnaval celebration and noisemakers, mario bros masks, and beads were thrown out as everyone started dancing and taking pictures again.