9/11 as a 9 Year Old


Now 15 years later I am a 24 year old Peace Corps Volunteer, watching “We Remember” videos in Peru, still trying to process the day experienced by my 9 year old self. Trying to understand hate. Trying to understand war. Trying to do my part to bring some sort of light to this world. That is the best I can do. Remember all of the lives across the world that have been lost due to hate and do my part to share light with those that are still here. There is no processing, there is only remembering and doing better.

Thank you, yes you!

No Sleep Till Peace was started as a personal journal of my adventures in Peru, and surprisingly it has grown into a small community of almost 3,500 followers who have laughed, cried, and supported me and my Peruvian counterparts from afar.

The Big News: Year 3!!

I have some very exciting news. I got the job! I will be staying in Peru as a Peace Corps Volunteer for a third year!!! That means instead of finishing my service at the end of August 2016, I will be staying until September 2017. I’ll be working at the Peace Corps office in Lima…

Community Connections and Integration

The connection I have formed with Peruvians in my community is the greatest gift I will take away from this entire experience. My co-workers at the municipality who made me eat papa rellena and dance with them for a month before they trusted me to participate in projects, the 24 year old girl who is my “chat about boys and life” best friend, and the countless women who make sure I am fed, have a seat at the town donkey races and who treat me as their own daughter… those are the connections that I cannot quantify on any report.