Living in Lima

Lima Peru skyline from rooftop apartment

Well, now that I have paid rent three times in Lima I guess it is finally time to accept the move and share a little bit about my new life with all of ya’ll. In August I packed my bags, three suitcases, two giant market bags, a bench and a shelf to be exact, and left my a piece of my heart in the beautiful Northern Andes of Peru. I traded small town Contumaza, Cajamarca for the capital city of Lima.

Run for the 4th!

Although it wasn’t the typical family/ grill/ fireworks sort of 4th of July, it was so fun to see and participate in a healthy lifestyle promoting, sustainable Peace Corps project! A chance for some beach time wasn’t a bad perk either.

Ode to Year One

Learning is the key word. From the day I stepped off the airplane I have not stopped learning about the heritage and fascinating history that surrounds us here. Every where you turn there is another mountain being excavated and a pre-Incan society being discovered. I am always impressed by the long lasting traditions and pride the Peruvian people have for the ways of their ancestors. The connection they have with the land is something that no book or scientist can explain.