Laguna 69 and My Peace Corps Mountain

It was crowded by people just like me. Everyone congratulated one another and it was like a small family of hikers who had achieved their goal. People canon-balled into the glacier water and other carried out the tradition of the “naked lake jump.” I was happy for them. I was happy for me. We were forever bonded together as a random group of humans who joined the Peace Corps.

Income Generating Activities for Women Artisans in Peru

Womens Empowerment and Income Generating Activities Peace Corps Peru

I am proud to report that some of the women have sold both the bracelets and the new greeting cards, but I am even prouder to report that I have seen a physical and emotional change in all 12 of the women who have given up their time each week to learn and explore options to better their lives! The true success is the woman who can’t read but led a small group of her educated peers in a discussion about setting prices, or the woman who could not tie a knot during the first class who asked her peers for help outside of class and is now selling cuffs. Leaders are born when women are given the tools to succeed!