Learning to Let Them Love You

Peace Corps Peru Volunteer ceviche in market Jesus Maria

After two and a half years of loving and serving the people of this beautiful country, I am learning to let them love me back. Learning to accept that I am down right now and appreciating the unconditional love that the people around me are providing through acts of service and emotional support. Once again I am reminded why I love Peru.

Living in Lima

Lima Peru skyline from rooftop apartment

Well, now that I have paid rent three times in Lima I guess it is finally time to accept the move and share a little bit about my new life with all of ya’ll. In August I packed my bags, three suitcases, two giant market bags, a bench and a shelf to be exact, and left my a piece of my heart in the beautiful Northern Andes of Peru. I traded small town Contumaza, Cajamarca for the capital city of Lima.

The Big News: Year 3!!

I have some very exciting news. I got the job! I will be staying in Peru as a Peace Corps Volunteer for a third year!!! That means instead of finishing my service at the end of August 2016, I will be staying until September 2017. I’ll be working at the Peace Corps office in Lima…

Holidays in Peru!

The past few months have been full of holidays and although I missed my family and friends a lot, it was fun to celebrate with new friends and family in Peru. Halloween: In the sierra Halloween is not really celebrated, instead they celebrate the day of the dead on the 1st and 2nd of November….

The Last Week and Swearing-In

The last week of training was full of tests, paperwork, and goodbyes. We threw a party for our host families complete with face painting, a photo booth, and a talent show! We packed up our luggage (which somehow doubled with all our training materials) and spent every last second with all of our friends, since…