Learning to Let Them Love You

Peace Corps Peru Volunteer ceviche in market Jesus Maria

After two and a half years of loving and serving the people of this beautiful country, I am learning to let them love me back. Learning to accept that I am down right now and appreciating the unconditional love that the people around me are providing through acts of service and emotional support. Once again I am reminded why I love Peru.

Peace Corps Peru Master Chef

In an effort to make a Washington D.C. mandated charla about dental hygiene and nutrition fun, our wonderful Peace Corps Medical Officer (PCMO) hosted a Peru 23 Master Chef competition! We were divided into four teams and each team received 10 soles (~$3.50) to make a nutritious plate using local ingredients. The judges took into…

5 Reasons why Peace Corps shots are fun!

After accepting an invitation to serve in the Peace Corps, future volunteers are immediately bombarded with emails and forms to fill out. There’s a form for every medical exam imaginable, and usually you have somewhere between 60-90 days to complete it all! A normal person might start to feel overwhelmed but after months of waiting…