Video Pen Pal Project

Video Pen Pal Project PCV Blog 3

With the high school entrepreneurship class I started each day with the video project and they LOVED it! The class clown even tried to solicit a North American girlfriend. The video pen pals were a class of students in Washington D.C. who were studying Spanish, so we communicated entirely in Spanish. The Spanish teacher also happens to be a RPCV from the first group of volunteers who re-entered Peru! Due to privacy issues, I can’t make the US videos public but here are the ones from my students in Peru.

Laguna 69 and My Peace Corps Mountain

It was crowded by people just like me. Everyone congratulated one another and it was like a small family of hikers who had achieved their goal. People canon-balled into the glacier water and other carried out the tradition of the “naked lake jump.” I was happy for them. I was happy for me. We were forever bonded together as a random group of humans who joined the Peace Corps.

Ode to Year One

Learning is the key word. From the day I stepped off the airplane I have not stopped learning about the heritage and fascinating history that surrounds us here. Every where you turn there is another mountain being excavated and a pre-Incan society being discovered. I am always impressed by the long lasting traditions and pride the Peruvian people have for the ways of their ancestors. The connection they have with the land is something that no book or scientist can explain.