LinkedIn and the Human Connection

Peace Corps Peru Volunteer Third Year

In Peru the custom of using social media is just starting to catch fire. In my town specifically they got accessible internet less than four years ago. Now what does this mean for professional development and Internet use? Well it means that now is the time that Peruvians are in need of education on proper social media etiquette in workplace, and as a modern day Peace Corps Business Volunteer that has become a part of my work duties!

Laguna 69 and My Peace Corps Mountain

It was crowded by people just like me. Everyone congratulated one another and it was like a small family of hikers who had achieved their goal. People canon-balled into the glacier water and other carried out the tradition of the “naked lake jump.” I was happy for them. I was happy for me. We were forever bonded together as a random group of humans who joined the Peace Corps.

Music Notes and Marketing

Our training was from 8:30-5pm everyday and it was surprisingly really fun! The first half of the week we learned about small business consulting in Peru and then were given the task to meet with a business in Cajamarca for two days and conduct a diagnostic and then identify some areas of improvement and prepare a short workshop for the owners.

Treat Yo Self

Training is a full time gig and with classes from 8am-5pm every weekday and some cultural activities on weekends it’s nice to get out of our bubble every now and then. Peace Corps is a 24/7 job, especially in site when your whole community knows everything you’re doing. Our bosses understand that, so we get…