A Day in the life of PCV Adrienne

Peace Corps Volunteer making aji using the batan

A true friend is the greatest of all blessings. Meet Adrienne, a fellow Peace Corps Peru 23 business volunteer who spent her two years of service in the cute coastal town of Moche. Her resume includes expert listener, sturdy shoulder to cry on, and delicious brownie baker… as well as IBM consultant, super volunteer and future Peace Corps director. Basically I would not have made it the whole two years without her support!

LinkedIn and the Human Connection

Peace Corps Peru Volunteer Third Year

In Peru the custom of using social media is just starting to catch fire. In my town specifically they got accessible internet less than four years ago. Now what does this mean for professional development and Internet use? Well it means that now is the time that Peruvians are in need of education on proper social media etiquette in workplace, and as a modern day Peace Corps Business Volunteer that has become a part of my work duties!